Growing tips for squash

Squashes have similar characteristics and needs to cucumbers, melons and pumpkins.  They grow best in the warm months, like a compost rich soil and to be watered deeply.   Summer squashes like zucchini, crookneck and sunburst have the widest growing window and can be planted out between mid-march and early-September.  Winter squashes, so named because of their ability to be stored deep into the winter months, need more heat and are best when planted from mid-April through early-August.  Before transplanting, we recommend that you amend your garden bed by adding two heaping handfuls of compost and three cups each of landscape mix and worm castings.  Once transplanted, water your squash deeply using a slow trickle from your hose.   Allow the soil surface to dry out between applications.  Squash are extremely susceptible to powdery mildew and rust.  In fact, it is one of these viruses that will most likely lead to the inevitable downfall of your plant.

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