Tips for growing beans

Beans are best when grown during the warmer parts of the year.  Bush beans can be direct seeded into your garden from mid-March through mid-September.  Pole, Lima and Soy beans have a smaller planting window, usually, early-April through late-August. Fava beans are the seasonal exception and do best when planted either, mid-October thru late-November or as the spring is warming up from early-March thru April.  No matter what bean you are planting or during what season you are planting it, the fertilizing requirements are going to be the similar.  All beans seem to do best when they are planted either in a row or in a group of their peers.  They seem to feed off of and support each other, and in general perform better when with their friends.  Before transplanting, prepare the soil with compost, Landscape Mix, and worm castings.  If planting a row of seeds, use per four foot section, 3, 1,1 cups respectively of each of the above ingredients.  When planting bush beans individually, simply use a handful of each ingredient to feed your young seedling. When your beans are done producing, we recommend that you snip off the stems of the plants at soil level, so as to leave the roots in the ground, and then lay the above ground portion of the plant on the soil surface so that it can break down and feed the soil.   Beans want to be watered deeply and the soil surface should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

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