Island Seed & Feed


We offer organic fertilizers in bulk, by the scoop and up to 50# bags make us a first stop for all gardeners. Our popular custom Island Landscape Mix is an all-purpose blend of nutrients to feed the soli for optimum plant health.

Fertilizers – Blended organic fertilizers from Whitney Farms and Dr. Earth plus premium liquid and hydrolyzed organic fertilizers such as Maxi-crop, Kelp Sea Life, Alaska, Fox Farms and Earth Juice.

Soils & Ammendments – Organic potting soils, biodynamic compost, seed-starting mixes, worm castings, cedar mulch, chicken manure, cocoa mulch and pith fiber.

Tools – Essential hand tools such as pruners, pruning saws, tree wraps, gopher traps, trellis cages, compost bins, worm boxes, row covers & more.

Books and Magazines – Helpful garden books and magazines for the hobbyist and dedicated growers.