We carry more than 50 varieties of dog and cat food for every taste and budget.

We’re pet-friendly! Let them come in and decide from our vast selection of bulk treats, diet supplements, skin and coat care, beds, coats, pet bowls, and more.


Island’s Frequent Buyer Club rewards a free bag of food after you buy 12 bags.It’s simple and it’s free, just mention you are a member and we’ll keep track for you.

Wild and Pet Bird Feed and Supply – in bulk and packaged. We also carry bird feeders and birdhouses.

Livestock Feeds – several high quality formulas, featuring our custom Eco-Egg

Poultry Pellet, with high protein, yeast and kelp added for vitamins, and no synthetics or preservatives.

Rabbits – we carry a wide selection of rabbit feeds, accessories, books and magazines.