Pet Foods

Island Seed & Feed

Island Seed and Feed strives to sell the highest quality pet foods that are available to us. We believe that your pets health is greatly influenced by what you feed it and that many health and behavioral problems can be avoided or mitigated by feeding your pet a strong, healthy diet.  We look for foods that have meat and/or meat meals as their first ingredients and then offer a highly nutritious and diverse recipe on down the line. While organic pet food is an ideal to strive for, it brings its own set of issues to the table, mainly the prohibitive costs that are required for us to sell a truly organic and exceptional pet food to you.  The absolutely best way for you to feed your pet would be for you to prepare fresh food for he or she.  I think that most of us will agree that there are certain time considerations that come into play when this option is brought up, not to mention that your four legged children might be getting fed better than your two legged kids.  So having said that, here are the best foods that we have found on the market today.