Advanced Pet Diets- This food has been built with the help of veterinarians and with your cats health and well being in mind.  We carry two flavors of dry kibble, Chicken and Salmon, and Chicken and Salmon Lite .  These come in either a 4# bag or a 16# bag. In addition we stock the 5 flavors of canned food that APD has created, they come in cases of 24, 6oz cans.  For more information about this food, please visit,

Artemis- Artemis Pet Food Company is dedicated to providing your cat with a nutritionally complete diet that will provide the building blocks of a strong and healthy life for your sweet little pussy.   Founded in 1998, Artemis has quickly become one of the best foods on the market.  We carry adult in 18 and 5# bags, senior in 15 and 5# bags and kitten formula in 5# bags.  Canned food comes in three flavors, seafood, chicken and turkey.  Cans are 5.5 oz and 24 to a case.  For more information contact,

Eagle Pack- Eagle Pack has long been a pioneer in the holistic pet food movement and is still leading the charge today.   In both their Holistic Select and Super Premium lines, Eagle Pack includes all natural, human grade ingredients, and their exclusive holistic/custom supplements.  The Holistic Select line ups the ante a little bit and offers hypoallergenic formulas with unique ingredients such as duck, organic quinoa additional fruits and vegetables and special vitamins too.  The Holistic Select dry line comes in Chicken Meal & Rice, Duck Meal & Oatmeal and Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal flavors.   Cans come in five delicious concoctions, in both 6oz and 13oz sizes.  Super Premium comes in Adult Cat, Hairball, Indoor Multi-Cat and Kitten recipes in 6.6# bags.  Super premium canned food in 13 and 6 oz cases, comes in the following blends Chicken & Duck,  Chicken & Lamb, Turkey & Barley, Salmon & Shrimp and  Ocean Fish & Tuna.  To learn more visit

Evangers- Evangers specializes in making canned food, and that is all that they do, They make a really fine produst that has often had me licking my lips as I open up a can for my cat.  They now have two lines, Super Premium, and Gourmet Classics Cat Dinners.  The Gourmet line consists of complete dinners that come in the pate’ form. Flavors include Beef & Liver, Chicken and Seafood.  The Super Premium line of food is also a well balanced diet, and looks delicious, especially the dinners that come with a gravy.  Organic Chicken, Whole Mackerel, Seafood & Caviar, Pheasant, Turkey & Butternut Squash, Seafood and Vegetarian are your cats choices.  For more information go to

Felidae- This is a cat food that has been brought to you by the same people that make Canidae dog food.  That means that its got to be good, right Wally.  Actually what we have here is a quality food at a good price just like thheri dog food.  Included in each bag are human grade meats, skin & coat conditioners, balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, cranberries for urinary tract health, antioxidant vitamins and essential taurine which promotes vision, cardiac and reproductive health.  Felidae dry kibble comes in their original All Life Stages formula, a Chicken & Rice ALS mix and a Platinum blend for older cats.  All formulas come in small, medium and large sized bags.   Cans are sold in Original, Chicken & Rice and Platinum flavors, in both 13oz and 5.5oz cans.  To see for yourself just go to

Nutro- Their line of cat foods is probably the only thing that these guys still do reasonably well.  But there is still time.  Nutro sells two lines of cat food, the original Max Cat and their newer contribution, Complete Care.  Both are reasonable if you hate your pet.  The Max cat line boasts of using real chicken protein and real salmon protein and all this in a unique kibble shape.  After setting the bar shockingly low, Nutro vaults right over it with their Complete Care line of food.  This food is the only one that my lard assed cat Philbert wont eat.  But I’ve heard good reports from some people.  Really dumb people.  To cure insomnia, click over to

Precise- We exclusively carry the canned food from Precise.  It has been one of our best sellers for quite a few years now, and has maintains a solid reputation among cat lovers.  Available in a lot of flavors, in 6oz and 12oz cans. Go to their home page at,

Prism- This is our cheapest cat food.  It comes in a 16# bag and is like cat food.

Royal Canin- Ever done blow with Arrowsmith?  Well our Royal Canin rep has.  Quite a fall down to schlepping cat food.  But oh, what a food it is.  Royal Canin has retained a team of crack scientists and let them loose in the laboratory at The College of Cats.  The result is a line of foods that will satisfy your cat no matter what their ailment or predicament in life might be.  To learn more than you need to, go to  To buy an eight ball, call Roger.

Solid Gold- Solid Gold brings their food, Katz-n-Flocken to the cat buffet.  This food comes in only one flavor, Lamb & Chicken and is a quality food whose ingredients have been chosen to provide your cat with a well balanced diet that will lead to a healthy life.  Available in both 4 and 15# bags.  Their web site is

Steve’s Frozen Food- Steve’s was one of the first manufactures to offer a raw, unprocessed diet for pets.  The formulators have crafted a food that meets the nutrient profiles of all stages of your cats life, from weaned kittenhood through their twilight years.  The cat food comes 2.5# bags , in one flavor, Chicken & Salmon,  This food comes frozen and as such it does not ship well.  To learn more about raw pet diets and Steve’s in particular, click on,

Taste of the Wild- Do you remember when cats used to roam the great American west?  Well neither do I, but fortunately someone at Taste of the Wild does.  The result is one of our newest foods, Rocky Mountain Feline with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon.  This food has been created using quality meats, fruits and vegetables and is grain free, just like those feline diets of yore.  If you want to hear your little pussy roar, then this is the food for you.  To learn more about this product, go to

Wellness- This is arguable our best selling cat food.  The Wellness people use delicious, real-foods like deboned meats, free of added hormones and steroids, wholesome grains and fresh fruit and vegetables to provide the perfect balance of protein, energy, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the healthiest way possible.  Wellness has taken a thoughtful approach to nutrition, believing that this is the foundation of your cats wellbeing.  Dry foods come in Kitten, Adult Chicken, Adult Salmon, and Senior recipes in 3,6, and 12# bags.  Wet food comes in nine different flavors in 3oz, 5.5oz and 12oz cans.  To see more go to,

Wysong- Wysong has spent the last 25 years thinking about pet food, and seems to believe that this will give them a paw up in the business.  Unfortuately, the healthiest food in the world can’t work wonders if cats won’t eat it, and that is where Wysong finds itself.  Talking a mean game from the get go, but failing in the palatability department leaves this food gathering dust on our shelves.  Still if you insist on feeding your cat a vegan diet, this is where we would direct you to look.  Cat food comes in Geriatrix, Nurture, Vitality, Anergen and Vegan mixes, in 4 pound bags.  To investigate this cult of overthinkers, go to