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Photo by Joe Gosen

The following is a list of the tomatoes that we here at Island Seed & Feed will be growing this summer. The variety of options can be a little overwhelming, so please ask for assistance. Indeterminate means that the plant will bear fruit over a long season and are generally large, vine-like structures that will usually need to be supported, either against a fence or with a trellis. Determinate tomatoes will set and ripen their entire crop at one time on compact plants that may need to be staked. The range of days that are listed with each variety is the number of days that it will take for your tomatoes to produce fruit from the day of transplant.

Cherry / Small Tomatoes

Red Pear- Indeterminate, heirloom, 70-80 days.  Clusters of pretty pear-shaped, glistening red 1” long fruits drape from these vigorously virile plants.  Each bite is a delight! So, pop one in, and savor the flavor.

Sungold- Indeterminate, 75 days.  These golden orange fruits are one of the best treats that you can pull out of your garden.  The hard part of growing these tomatoes is getting them into your house.  If given support, this plant will ramble out 6 feet.

Sweetie- Indeterminate, 60-75 days. Sparkling red, cherry sized, has a nice, not-too-sweet taste and is highly productive and vigorous in growth.  These proud gems dangle from the vigorous vine in a colorful cascade.

Yellow Pear-Indeterminate, heirloom, 70-80 days.  1” long pear-shaped, bright yellow  fruits hang by the handfuls from this very large plant. Sweet, mild lemony flavor, low in acid produces into the fall months.  Can grow up to 8 feet with trellising.

Salad / Sauce Tomatoes

Principe Borghese- Determinate, heirloom, 60 days. Traditionally grown in the south of Italy for sauces and sun drying.  Small egg-shaped fruits average 1” in diameter, borne in heavy clusters.  Graet fresh and in salads as well.

Roma- Determinate, 75 days.  Roma is one of the best known paste tomatoes.  It produces an abundant crop of deep red, meaty fruits with few seeds.  This variety is highly versatile and can be used both fresh, in salads and sauces, or canned and saved for later.

San Marzano- Indeterminate 80 days. Early, large classic Italian variety. The tall vines of this plant produce heavy yields of long oval fruits.  Delicious, balanced acidic flavor and meaty flesh makes for good sauce. Fruits avg 5-6 oz.  Cooking brings out flavor.  In 2003, local plant nut Wayne Chapman had 10 plants produce 400 pounds of San Marzano tomatoes.

Tomatillo, Green- Determinate, 65 days. A relative of the tomato family, globe shaped, 2 oz, medium firm fruits inside of a papery husk.  More vining and sprawling than tomatoes, they are great for sauces and salsas. Tomatillos are a staple in Mexican and Southwest food.

Slicing Tomatoes

Ace 55- Determinate, 80 days. Vigorous medium large plants, good foliage cover.  Red thick-walled flattened globes, 5 x 6” diameter, 7 oz fruit.  Appreciated by home gardeners for its tasty balance of sugars and acid and for its superior disease resistance.

Amana Orange- Indeterminate, 85-90 days.   Amana Orange is typically one of the earliest and tastiest of the Beefsteak variety tomatoes.  This mild flavored beauty is originally from Iowa.

Arkansas Traveler- Indeterminate, heirloom, 76 days. Rose pink, 6-8 oz, flattened globe tomatoes that are mild and juicy.  This pink heirloom has truly traveled because of its dependability.  Is crack and disease resistant as well as heat tolerant.  Medium sized vines.

Beefsteak- Indeterminate 95 days.  These vines are so vigorous that they will definitely need to be staked.  Flat, solid, meaty and juicy, the fruits are bright red and average 10oz, however occasionally tomatoes can weigh in at 2 lbs.  An old favorite of those who like large tomatoes for slicing and putting on sandwiches or burgers.

Black Krim- Indeterminate 70-90 days.  This is a large growing plant that will reach upwards of 6-8 feet, so long poles are recommended for staking. An old heirloom from the Crimean peninsula that heavily produces flattened globe shaped, 8-12 oz, dark red-purple fruits with a delicate skin.  Will take all of the sun and heat that you can give it. Our best tasting tomato?

Brandiwine- Indeterminate, 80 days.  An old Amish heirloom dating back to 1885.  Large vines, deep red fruits and excellent flavor.  This wonderful heirloom beats most other tomatoes with its truly luscious flavor that is described as “rich, loud and spicy”.  Not a great producer here in Goleta, but people say that the great flavor more than makes up for the limited production.

Burbank Slicer- Determinate, heirloom, 70 days.  Stocky, 18-36” tall bushes produce many  6-8 oz red fruits that have the highest total free amino acids of any tomato.  Developed around 1915 by plant genius, Luther Burbank.  Fares well in drier climates.

Carmello- Indeterminate, 70 days. Bred in France especially for fresh eating. Plump Carmellos will satisfy all your tomato fantasies.  The round juicy fruits have the perfect sweet to acid balance that translates to exquisite taste.  Big 4-5” fruits are borne in abundance.

Caro Rich- Indetermine, 75-80 days. An old variety with rich deep orange, 4-6 oz fruits that contain a high level of beta carotene. A low acid type with a delicious, sweet flavor.  These short, 18-24”plants produce well in cooler climates. A good grower here in our coastal climate.

Celebrity- Determinate 72 days.   Possibly the most common fresh market tomato grown today.  Productive plants yield high quality, large smooth fruit with outstanding flavor.  A vigorous grower that produces 8 oz fruit. Resistant to verticilium and fusarium wilts.

Cherokee Purple- Indeterminate, heirloom, 80 days. This variety has relatively short vines, yet produces copious amounts of 10-12 oz fruits.  The flesh is a unique red brick color with a rose-purple skin color.  A flavorful heirloom variety that hails from Tennessee.

Costoluto Genovese- Indeterminate, 80-90 days. An old, unimproved Italian variety that produces an abundance of lumpy, flattish, convoluted fruits, which while not the prettiest of tomatoes, continually rank high in customer taste tests. Fruits are red and grow to be 6-8 oz. A good producer in the heat of summer, that keeps on going when the weather gets nippy.

Double Rich– Indeterminate, 65-70 days.  Solid, meaty, medium sized, deep red globes with a sweet, slightly tart flavor with more than twice the vitamin C of other tomatoes.(as much as oranges) A mid-season tomato that is blight and wilt resistant.

Early Girl- Indeterminate, 55-65 days. This is a popular variety with backyard gardeners because of its excellent flavor and ability to keep producing throughout the growing season.  Yields masses of 4-6 oz red fruit.

Early Red Chief- Indeterminate, 65-70 days.  These are stocky bush plants that bear huge crops of early, 10 oz slicing fruits.  Pendulous, globe shaped fruits are red, firm and bountiful.

Green Zebra- Determinate, 75-90 days.  Yellow-green, 2-3” fruits with dark vertical stripes, emerald green flesh with mild but not bland flavor, very productive. Developed in 1985 by tomato husbandry expert Tom Wagner. (…Yeah, exactly, who da @#%$ is that?)

Marvel Striped- Indeterminate, heirloom, 90-110 days. A luscious, extra golden fruited tomato with a deep orange marbled interior.  Fruits may reach 2 pounds, and the flavor just never stops coming.

Moskvich- Indeterminate, heirloom, 60 days.  Extra early variety that produces well in cool climates. This is a good selection for coastal and/or late season plantings.  Smooth globe shaped fruits with small stem scar.  Nice texture, rich taste, from eastern Siberia.

Nyagous- Indeterminate 80 days.  Great black tomato with baseball-sized fruits that are borne in clusters of up to 6.  Excellent full tomato flavor.  Very productive vines will want to be supported.

Oregon Spring- Determinate, 55-80 days. This variety is a short, 18-24” plant that does not need staking and produces 3-4 oz fruits. Great for large, early tomatoes with great flavor and few seeds.   Bright red, flattened globes are produced even when nights are cold.

Pineapple- Interderminate 85-95 days.  These are huge, 10-16 oz, yellow beefsteak type tomatoes that typically have red streaks throughout the interior.  Very sweet, fruity flavor with low acidity.  Vines will need to be supported, wants to be in a hot location.

Stupice- Indeterminate, 60-70 days. Early, prolific variety with good taste. Sweet and juicy, 3-6 oz, fruits grow on compact, 4 foot, vines that do not need to be trellised.  Produces well in cooler weather, so good for our cool area.  Introduced from Czechoslovakia.

Super Queen Bush- Determinate, 75 days.  This is a hybrid tomato that has been developed to grow in a small space or in a patio container and still offer an abundant harvest. The 2-3’ tall bushes produce juicy, heavy fruits with a great tomato flavor.   Use a small tomato cage for support.

Tigerella- Indeterminate, 55-65 days.  These highly productive vines bear huge crops of medium to small fruits about 1.5” in diameter  The reddish-orange tomatoes are striped with greenish-yellow and have a great, tangy flavor. This was the 2003 tomato of the year here at Island Seed & Feed.  Disease resistant.

Yellow Perfection- Indeterminate, 70-75 days.  This has been a favorite in England for over 150 years.   The juicy, thin skinned, 3-5 oz fruits are perfectly round, and will ripen well in both cool or hot weather.  Vining habit that will want to be trellised.

Zapotec Pleated- Indeterminate, heirloom, 80-85 days. This variety produces large pink fruits that are ruffled or pleated like a dress.  They can be stuffed and baked like a bell pepper, or eaten in the raw.   Named for its creators, the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico.