Island Seed & Feed

Island is semi-famous for carrying more than 500 varieties of seeds, from Seeds of Change, Sheperd’s, Botanical Interests, Lake Valley, Abundant Life and others. Many of our seeds are selected specifically for their ease of growing in the central/southern California regions.

Bulk Seeds
Buy exactly what you need, from as little as 1/8 tsp. of herbs and vegetables from Seeds of Change and local organic growers – try Islandís custom sweet and spicy lettuce mixes.

Wildflower Seeds
Flowering natives, flowering lawn covers, beneficial insect attractants, blends and single species. We also carry seed starter kits, and sterile seed start mix for highest germination success. also available in our bulk seed section.

Green Manures, Cover Crops, Pastures Mixes and Erosion controls such as Clovers, Medics, Vetch, Beans, Peas, Cereal Grains, Annual and Perennial Grasses

6-pack Plant Starts
Seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers, standard and heirloom varieties, please call for availability and to order your custom starts, see our current selectionsat the nursery

Natives, Drought Tolerant/Succulents
Explore designs for a more natural garden-scape with our unique selection of California natives, drought -tolerants, and other plants well-suited to South Coast regions.

Special Orders
We can and do make special orders … If you can’t find a plant anywhere, we just might.