Island Seed & FeedWe have the best ammendments and fertilizers to help get your  garden pumping!

Try our newest organic ammendment product Island Worm Mix. Locally made worm compost, including worm castings, worm casings (eggs), and composted horse manure – it’s alive!

Organic Fertilizers and Soil Ammendments … in bulk, by the scoop and up to 50# bags make us a first stop for gardeners.

Our highly recommended Island Landscape Mix is an all-purpose blend of nutrients to feed the soil for optimum plant health.

We feature blended organic fertilizers from Whitney Farms and Dr. Earth, plus premium liquid and hydrolyzed organic fertilizers such as Maxi-crop, Kelp Sea Life, Alaska, Fox Farms, and Earth Juice.

Organic fertilizers are available by the pound from our bulk bins, in larger bag quantities, and in custom mixes.

Soils & Ammendments – Island custom Landscape Mix, Organic potting soils, Seed-starting mixes, Worm castings, Cedar Mulch, Peat Moss, Chicken Manure, Cocoa Mulch and Pith Fiber