Cocoa Mulch
This is a unique product that makes its way to us from Ghana.  Cocoa mulch is comprised of the seed husk of the cocoa or chocolate bean, and fortunately, retains its luxurious aroma.  Upon application and watering, a natural gum is activated that binds the cocoa shells into a loosely knitted , porous mat that holds the moisture in the soil, suppresses the weeds and helps to  hold the soil in place. The texture is said to deter snails, slugs and cats from invading your garden.  A natural, white, mold is present during the first couple of weeks after application and will disappear in 1-2 weeks time. Ingredients: 100% Cocoa shell hulls.  Available in 2 cu. ft bags.

Cedar Mulch
This is a pulled, or shredded cedar bark, that has a larger piece size than most of our other mulches, and as such makes for a long lasting, walk-on mulch. The cedar oils that are naturally present in this product, allow a measure of defense against pests like grubs and cut worms that inhabit the soil surface and the immediate sub-surface, a 1-2” layer of cedar mulch will also cut down on the neighborhood cats using your garden as their litter box.  This product is suited for use as pathways, around fruit and ornamental trees, and as general mulch to use for weed suppression and water retention.  Ingredients: 100% Cedar bark   Available in 2 cu. ft bags.

Patio Bark

Fir Bark Mulch

EB Stone Top Coat
Top Coat is a blend of completely composted wood products and mushroom compost. We recommend using this product as both a protective mulch around plants and, due to its small particle, as a seed cover in gardens and newly planted lawns.  An important component of Top Coat is yucca shidegera saponin, which as been added to make sure that the product wets easily and ten help with moisture retention as well.  This is important in keeping your new seeds hydrated while they are germinating.  Ingredients; composted wood products, mushroom compost and yucca shidegera saponin.  Available in 1.5 cu ft bags.