Each spring, Island Seed & Feed sells baby turkeys, called poults.  We sell two types of turkeys, the modern broad-breasted types and the old-fashioned heritage breeds.

Heritage turkeys are available from late February to about mid-August.  We usually receive our first heritage poults in April and will get several more shipments through July. Broad-breasted turkey poults are ordered only by request, and have a shorter season of availability, from February to mid-June.

It takes approximately 7-8 months to raise a heritage turkey poult up to butchering maturity.  If you are planning on raising a heritage turkey for your Thanksgiving table, you should start in April.   If you are going for a Christmas bird, start in May.  Heritage turkey hens make a great addition to your home flock and will get along well with chickens and have similar dietary needs as adults.  Turkey toms do well as pets if given enough room and other turkeys to hang out with.

Broad-breasted turkeys are grown for approximately 4-5 months for the table.  They do not make good pets, as they often develop leg problems and heart conditions.   These are the kind of turkeys raised for local fair “meat pen” competitions, and you should get advice from your FFA or Grange leader on the best time to order them for your fair or show.

Here is what we have ordered for the 2017 season:

March 28

Standard Bronze

Bourbon Red

Holland White


April 18 –

Standard Bronze

Bourbon Red



May 9

Standard Bronze

Midget White

Blue Slate