Island Seed & FeedArtemis- Artemis is currently the top selling dog food at Island Seed & Feed, and for good reason.  The Artemis recipes have been developed by a dog breeder who, years ago was having problems finding a food for his dogs that was both palatable and did not irritate their insides.  So he came up with the original Fresh 6 Mix, and it worked so well that he decided to start selling it to the public.  Today Artemis has expanded their dog food line to meet the special needs of large breeds, small breeds and overweight dogs of all breeds.  To visit their site, go to

Avo Derm- Avo Derm is one of the oldest natural dog food brands that I can remember.  Originally formulated to help dogs with dry, flaky skin and poor coat conditions, Avo Derm has stood the test of time and retains a loyal following among our customers.  As the name might suggest to you, one of the main ingredients of this food is that lovable little fruit, the California avocado.  Avocados are high in vitamins A, C and E and they are an excellent source of balanced nutritional essentials for your dog’s skin and coat health.  If your dog is having health issues or suffers from the “Santa Barbara Itch”, we suggest giving this food a try.  To learn more, go to

Canidae- Canidae is a local southern California company that makes a high quality, reasonably priced food.   The ingredient list starts off with human grade meats and rice,and also contains 10 natural skin and coat conditioners, balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals.  What you will not find in Canidae foods are corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, fillers or by-products.   Today Canidae comes in the original recipe, Lamb & Rice, Chicken & Rice and Senior.  All flavors come in small, medium and large bags as well as 12oz cans.  To see more, stop by

Eagle Pack- Eagle Pack is a really good food that has picked up quite a few fans among our customers and their dogs. While they offer a comprehensive array of foods, we mainly carry their Holistic Select line of foods whose flavors include Chicken & Rice, Duck & Oatmeal, Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon and Lamb & Rice.   All meat meals come from USDA inspected plants, only whole grains are used, and the fruits and vegetables are fresh and flavorful.  To these wholesome food ingredients, Eagle Pack adds their exclusive “Wellness for Life” holistic supplements, that will keep your pet alive and kicking for many happy years.  All dog foods come in small, medium and large size bags and 12oz cans too.  To see their entire line of foods and supplements, go to

Evangers- Evangers is a company that sticks with making canned dog foods, and they do a fine job of it.  From their original stripped down, no-frills canned dog dinners and cooked meats, to their newer Super Premium Organics, Game Meats and Hand Packed Specialty recipes, these guys are the bomb.  My dogs favorite is the Chicken Drummet Dinner, the first time that I fed this to her, she licked her bowl for 15 minutes after finishing everything that I could see.  Evangers produces a wide range of flavors and recipes, some come in 6oz cans and some come in 12oz cans.  Go to their website to get the complete lowdown.

Natural Balance- While we greatly respect Dick Van Patton’s and his work on “Eight is Enough”, we only have enough room in our store to carry his big meat logs.  These are complete dinners that are sort of like canned food but they have been treated with some mysterious substance and then forced into a large, plastic sausage casing.  These food rolls can be used as a regular food, a special treat or as a reward when training.  Available in turkey, chicken and beef flavors.  We carry the hefty 4# size.  To see what Dick looks like today, go to

Natural Planet Organics- Here is the one dry dog food that we carry that is actually organic.  Natural Planet Organics is an ultra premium food for dogs.  Fresh, organic ingredients include chicken, select grains, fruits and vegetables.  And the most important ingredient of all, Peace of Mind, although I’m not sure that this is organic.  Comes in 5, 15 and 25# bags.  To visit their web site, go to

Nature’s Recipe- I was going to be nice to these guys, but they wanted me to sign and submit a document to their legal department before they would agree to allow me use their logo and ad stuff on our website.  So if you want to learn more about this barely-on-the-radar food please go to Note: They were probably a lot cooler before they were bought by Del Monte Foods.

Nutro- Oh Nutro, Nutro, Nutro, where have ye gone?  At one time this was the flagship of our dog food section.  But over the years the marketing department was able to turn the company away from making quality foods and instead charted a course for the mystical land where every breed and size of dog has its own special food.  The result is hundreds of mediocre foods that you can feed your dog.  If you don’t believe me, then go to their web site and check it out for yourself.

Party Animal- Party Animal is a new addition to the fold.   This company, based in Hollywood, CA, has produced a certified organic canned food that is complete and balanced for all breeds and all stages of a dogs life.  Party Animal comes in five different flavors based on either organic chicken or organic turkey, other ingredients include only the finest fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins.  Available in 12 oz cans.  For more info go to

Solid Gold- Solid Gold makes some of the best food that we sell, and they do it with quite a diverse range of ingredients.  Their Hund-n-Flocken formula is lamb and rice based; the Holistique Blendz is built around oatmeal, barley and ocean fish; Barking at the Moon is a high protein, low carb food made from ocean fish, beef, and potatoes; Just a Wee Bit, for small dog breeds includes bison, ocean fish meal and millet; Mmillennia Adult Dog has beef and barley as its foundation; and the Wolf King and Wolf Cub recipes have bison, ocean fish meal and brown rice as their leading ingredients.  Most foods come in a small, medium and large size bag.  For more information go to

Steve’s Frozen- Steve’s is one of the leading suppliers of raw, unprocessed, frozen dog foods.  Their ingredient lists read a lot like one of my grocery shopping lists, fresh meat, broccoli, lettuce, carrots,  cantaloupe, rice and eggs are just the beginning of the goodness that is found in this food.  And, yes this is the one dog food that I have actually eaten, kind of like a meat popsicle with some other stuff in it.  Actually, I cooked it and it was pretty good, my dog really likes it too.   We carry three flavors of Steve’s frozen foods, chicken, turkey and beef.  All flavors come in 10# bags.  When buying any frozen pet food, bring a cooler with you to the store or race home immediately after purchase.  To check this product more in depth, got to

Taste of the Wild- Here is a new pet food that will take your dog back to a diet that they have evolved to eat and digest over thousands of years of living in the wild.   It is now possible for you to satisfy your dog’s instinctual cravings, recipes include, High Prairie Canine with roasted bison & roasted venison, Pacific Stream Canine with smoked salmon, and Wetlands Canine with roasted wild fowl.  All formulations are made with real roasted meats and supplemented with fruits and vegetables, natural antioxidants have been added to support a healthy immune system and overall health.  If you are still curious or want to learn more, click on

Wellness- Wellness has created their Super5Mix holistic recipes. These geniuses have thought about your dog as a complete system of health and believe that total wellbeing starts from the inside-out. The all-natural recipes use the optimal balance of nutrient rich whole-foods to meet the unique health needs of your dog.  In my own words, what Wellness has done is to create a very good food that will keep your dog in tip top health over the course of their life.  Super5Mix comes in a few flavors but the web site doesn’t want you to know what they are.  So come in to our store and see for yourself.  If you have any difficult questions with regards to Wellness dog food, please go to

Wysong- Wysong is a company that seems to be trying too hard too do the right thing.  They should just take a deep breath, and make some dog food.  Instead they have thought their way into a corner and can’t seem to find the way out. At Island Seed & Feed we will buy back any bag of food that your dog won’t eat or give you credit towards another food that may be a better fit for your animal.   Wysong wins the prize as being the most returned brand of food, which is too bad because these people have really thought about this food stuff for a long time.  Wysong comes in Senior, Synorgon, Anergen, Maintennance and shockingly, Vegan formulas.  To get a more positive slant on this brand of dog food, check out