Bu’s Blend Biodynmic Compost-

Eco-Cast Worm Castings– Worm castings are quickly becoming a key ingredient in the organic garden, and when used in conjunction with our landscape mix, they feed your garden in a way that yields strong healthy plants that are much less susceptible to pests than those that are feed a dose of chemical fertilizers. Worm castings cause a plant to hyper-produce a naturally occurring enzyme called Chitenase. This enzyme is deadly to soft-bodied, sucking insects such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale, and thrips. It works by breaking down the exoskeleton of these insects which leads to either their leaving your plant, or to their death.  Worm castings can be, and are considered a natural, systemic insecticide.  In recent years, worm castings have become known as one way to defeat the tenacious, giant white fly that has migrated up into our region.  Ingredients: Natural worm castings.   Available in 1 cu ft bags.

Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil Conditioner- Don’t treat your soil like dirt, bring home a bale of this quality soil conditioner, and your garden will thank you.   Happy Frog is blended by hand, in small batches and checked all along the way to ensure that you will be buying a consistently kick-ass product.  Use Happy Frog as a soil additive when planting new gardens or perennials around in your yard.  This can also be used to rejuvenate tired roses and other shrubs by working a three inch layer around the base of the plant every 4-6 months.  Ingredients: pH balanced forest humus, earthworm castings, bat guano, beneficial microbes, and humic acid.  Available in 3 cu ft bags.  Stop in for pallet prices.

Fox Farm Planting Mix- This is our top of the line planting compost and soil builder.  Designed to be worked into the soil every time that you plant.  Its got everything that you need to get your garden off to a good start and to keep it firing all season long.  The pH has been carefully adjusted so that your plants will be able to get the nutrients that they need, when they need them,  and the organic ingredients help retain moisture in the soil which will help your plants remain strong and healthy. Ingredients: Composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano and Norwegian kelp meal.  Available in 1 cu ft bags.  Stop in for pallet prices.

EB Stone Planting Compost- This is a rich blend of ingredients that have been combined  to be used as an all-purpose outdoor planting mix.  The addition of key nutrients makes this a great compost to use when rebuilding existing garden beds.  A fine soil conditioner to use in all soil types and for all types of outdoor gardening.  Ingredients: Composted wood shavings, redwood compost, composted chicken manure, mushroom compost, fir bark, bat guano, kelp meal and alfalfa meal.   Available in 2.8 cu. ft bags.

GreenAll Soil Booster Compost- This is a new addition to our inventory and we have received positive feedback from those that have used it.   We have recommended it to gardeners who are seeking to jump start a vegetable or flower bed, want to rejuvenate their lawn, are looking to bring a favorite plant back from the dead.  The material is finely composted and has had a good dose of nutrients added to it to help give your soil and plants a boost.   Ingredients: Fir bark, chicken manure, composted mushroom soil, earthworm castings, volcanic pumice stone, bat guano, kelp meal and feather meal.   Available in 1.5 cu ft bags.

Gardener & Bloom Soil Builder Compost- This is a compost that has a larger piece or particle size than any of our others, and as such delivers more raw organic matter into the soil.  With the addition of gypsum into the compost mix, this becomes an effective material to use when planting trees and large perennials into hardened and clay soils, for using when initially building a new garden bed and to use as a general blend when loosening compacted soils.  This compost is not recommended to use when preparing beds for seed germination.  However, this compost does make an excellent, nutrient rich mulch, that will break down into the topsoil within one year.  Ingredients: Forest humus, redwood chips, chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, gypsum, oyster shell, dolomite lime, for pH adjusting.   Available in 3 cu. ft bags

EB Stone Chicken Manure- This is an excellent chicken manure that has been fully composted to ensure that it is a stable product and has been sifted so that it is easy to use and spread.   With an N-P-K rating of 3-2-1, this manure  contains the highest levels of plant nutrients of any of our  soil amendments and is a great soil conditioner for use when starting a new garden or lawn or upgrading an existing one.  Mix 1-2 cups of chicken manure around existing perennials in the spring to give a flush of growth.  Too much chicken manure, or repeated use, will discourage plants from blooming, so do not use late in a plants season.  Use 1 bag of chicken manure per 750 square feet of area to be amended. Ingredients: 100% composted chicken manure and bedding.  Available in 1 cu. ft bags.